"It's not what you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, educate yourself and start with the Healthy Start Pack. The key to health is giving your body all 90 essential nutrients it needs."

Dr Joel Wallach, DVM ND

Healthy Digestion Pack

Keeping the digestive tract moving is essential to keeping the body healthy.

Youngevity Healthy Digestive Pak by Dr. Joel Wallach is a specially designed nutritional supplement program that is blended to support healthy digestive function and provide a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria flora in the intestine.


Digestive Disorders (HCL, Enzymes, and Flora)

Resulting Disease:

Allergies, Athletes Foot, Belching, Bloating, Gas, Burping, Celiac, Crohn's, Disease, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Diverticulitis, Food Sensitivities, Heartburn, Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, Stomach or Intestinal Pain, Yeast Infections

ALSO available in Peach 2.0

1 Ultimate Flora Fx 60 capsules
1 Ultimate Enzymes 120 capsules
1 Canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine
1 bottle EFA Plus 90 Soft gel
1 Osteo Fx Plus - 32 oz

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